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All Plug Sales CC is a leading supplier of nuts, bolts, washers, alternative fasteners and fixings to the South African and Southern African market.

All Plug Sales was established in 1994 and was predominantly a manufacturer of Nail In Anchors and associated wall plugs and anchors.  Due to the growth of the business and the demand for alternative fasteners and fixings we have been successfully trading in all industry required fasteners for the past 17 years.


All Plug  Sales CC is based in Pinetown , KZN , but  supplies our nationwide  customer base through the use of  various appropriate  freight courier services thus allowing us to expediently  service all areas within the South African borders  as well as neighboring states


All Plug Sales CC has for the past 17 years been supplying all facets of our industry with nuts, bolts, washers, screws (chipboard screws, drywall screws, woodscrews, brass screws etc.) anchors of all types and threaded rods.  We source and manufacture many “specials” based on customers specific needs and run contracts with a number of our customers to stock and service these very unique requirements.


We have a comprehensive injection moulding plant  that caters for  many of the plastic components required in the market and therefore  place ourselves in a unique position to service the entire bolt and nut industry, as well as plastics and specialized companies requiring a “one stop shop”.  We are one of the longest standing local producers of Nail in anchors and still manufacture this product in house with service agreements with top SA Retailers to supply and service their house brands under their private label as a result of quality assurance and longstanding proven reliability.  We are service driven and maintain a high rate of success due to this characteristic, but at the same time remain highly competitive and true to the “local is lekker” attitude with all of our assembly  and packaging of product  done on our premises with our  trained  and skilled labourforce .


Our latest growth phase over the past 18 months has seen us penetrating the SA mining section which has led to us partnering up with the most advanced grinding media manufacturer in Asia with the push towards supply of this product range through our direct channels.  In the past we have supplied our extensive fasteners and anchors range indirectly to this industry, this next step will just take us closer to a direct supply with new product offerings and cost saving solutions.


We are ISO 9001/2000 Quality Management Systems accredited (view certificate).  Currently we have a level 8 BEE status (view BEE Certificate, BEE Audit Report, BEE Scorecard) and supply a number of small businesses as well as enjoying the success of the larger Retail giants and OEM brands


The main characteristic that sets All Plug Sales CC apart from its competitors is not the fact that we offer just about everything that our expanding industry requires, but rather that we have a small business mentality, (owner run and service driven), with a capacity and sourcing ability of big business.


We look forward to presenting ourselves for any future business opportunity and guarantee you of our commitment and best intentions.

















Makes it easy to select the items that you would like included in your quote and when done selecting send through a single quote request for a quick response.
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